Divorce Divorce


Ending a marriage can be extremely challenging both emotionally and  financially. Concerns about the welfare of children, careers, homes, and other matters are very real and understandable. At Keele Divorce, Mr. Keele will guide you through this complicated, emotional transition.

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Divorce Mediation Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

No one in a divorce really wins when they take their disputes to court for a judge to decide the issues. The courts often just “split the baby” on every issue, and the issues that are of utmost importance to you are regularly lost in the shuffle.

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About Kamron Keele ESQ.

Mr. Keele represents clients in a wide variety of legal services, including tax, corporate, real estate, labor and employment, trust and estate planning, probate controversy, civil and commercial litigation, and family law matters. In his career he has worked with clients in wide-ranging legal scenarios, from defending employers in corporate litigation to representing clients during divorces. He is currently a member of the New York and Utah State Bars.

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