Divorce Mediation

No one in a divorce really wins when they take their disputes to court for a judge to decide the issues. The courts often just “split the baby” on every issue, and the issues that are of utmost importance to you are regularly lost in the shuffle. The court system is overwhelmed, judges/commissioners are often disinterested, and the simple fact is that your outcome will likely not be the best outcome for you and your family if you litigate. On the other hand, if the divorcing parties work together, and a good mediator can get even the most contentious of divorcing parties to work together when they see that it is in their best interest to do so, then the parties can settle on their own terms, making decisions based on the things that really matter to them while conceding others that do not really matter.

Your outcome will be significantly better if you can mediate and settle the issues yourselves, and Mr. Keele can expertly assist you in that effort. The costs of mediation pale in comparison to the costs of a contested divorce action, which can (and unfortunately all too often will) be financially disastrous for both parties. Mediation also takes significantly less time than litigating and again can save you from a ruinous amount of money spent to litigate the issues in broken court systems—not to mention impersonal rulings where both parties walk away without getting what they really wanted. Let Kamron assist you from inception; you’ll be glad you did.