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Kamron A. Keele is an intuitive, gifted, practical, real honest-to-goodness down-to-earth lawyer, with more than a knack for understanding and resolving problems. He is a good listener, a skilled mediator, and is interested in people and even more interested in how to help. His natural curiosity and dedication keep him abreast of changes in the law and anything that will be useful to his clients. He is an intelligent, powerful, hardworking, committed, make-it-happen type of legal partner whom you will definitely want on your team. Bright otherwise competent people who know him well know that if you have a tricky problem of any type, you take it to Kamron. This is especially true of his legal experience and skills.

Mr. Keele represents clients in a wide variety of legal services, including tax, corporate, real estate, labor and employment, trust and estate planning, probate controversy, civil and commercial litigation, and family law matters. In his career he has worked with clients in wide-ranging legal scenarios, from defending employers in corporate litigation to representing clients during divorces. He is currently a member of the New York and Utah State Bars. Mr. Keele has been published numerous times in national publications, such as The Tax Lawyer, and has been nominated as one of the Utah Legal Elite™ in Utah Business Magazine. He has also been named a Rising Star in the Mountain States Super Lawyers Magazine.

Prior to founding Keele Law, Keele Divorce, and Keele Tax, Kamron was co-founder and partner of a boutique tax and estate-planning firm. Before that, he worked at a mid-sized law firm in Salt Lake City for six years. He also spent several years as an attorney working for many large firms in New York City. In this capacity, he was involved in numerous regulatory compliance projects and noteworthy cases, including the Enron case and the AT&T/Cingular merger. Earlier in his career, Kamron was a clerk for the Honorable Stephen Swift at the US Tax Court in Washington, DC. He also obtained an LLM degree in Taxation from Georgetown University Law School with an emphasis in corporate tax, income tax accounting, and employee benefits. Mr. Keele also interned at the Environmental Division of the New York State Attorney General’s office during a summer while attending Tulane University Law School. He graduated from Tulane with an emphasis in alternate dispute resolution and mediation, which skills he utilizes now more than ever with a practical and common sense approach to solving his client’s problems.

Since Mr. Keele believes that a law firm’s responsibility to the community extends beyond the provision of legal services, he has provided pro bono legal counsel since 2005 to Salt Lake Donated Dental Services, a local nonprofit organization providing free or discounted dental services to many individuals in need.

Outside of the office, Kamron loves to ski and mountain bike in his native Utah, travel to exotic locales, and play with his three cute kids.

Kamron Keele Traditional Attorneys
Works on your case at your convenience Works on your case at their own convenience
Provides a personal roadmap for navigating your sensitive situation Focuses primarily on getting the legal job done—not on helping you personally navigate through your scenario by providing any sort of roadmap
Tailors to your needs based on your goals & budget Racks up excessive costs that you aren’t comfortable with, disregarding your budget concerns
Experience in a wide range of legal services, including tax controversy, real estate law, business planning, divorce, etc. One or two legal focus areas
National experience in New York, Washington D.C., and Utah; published in several national publications Has limited experience in Utah cases
One-stop for all tax matters: preparation, controversy, litigation, business planning, charitable organizations, etc. Limited tax knowledge, may only do litigation
Always available to take your call Busy, difficult to reach, sets aside specific time “slots” for your case
Takes on only a few clients at a time to devote necessary personal attention So many clients that you feel like “just another person”
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