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Are you looking to get a divorce but want to know more about the process? Kamron Keele, divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, may have the answers you are looking for.

My spouse left me and my children what should I do?

Your best option would be to contact a local divorce attorney. They will explain all of your options and help you determine what you are entitled to. Kamron Keele has extensive knowledge with this subject if you are in need of a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City.

I want to get a divorce but I don’t want to hire an attorney.

You may want to look into mediation. A mediator can help you put your agreement on paper and will help you consider options you may not have thought of.  Keep in mind that for mediation to succeed, all parties must agree to the process.

Is divorce the same as a dissolution?

Divorce and dissolution of a marriage are the same thing.

I just want this to be over! What should I do to make it a fast process?

If your spouse feels the same way you can file for a simple uncontested divorce. A divorce attorney can help this process run as smooth as possible. If your spouse wants to contest the divorce, you may not have the option for a quick divorce until you come to an agreement.

Can I divorce my spouse without their knowledge?

No, when you file for divorce your spouse will be served with papers for the divorce to commence.

What is a default divorce?

A default divorce is when a spouse does not respond or appear in court and the divorce proceedings continue on without them.

We got married in one state but I filed for a default divorce in another state. Is the divorce still valid in the state we were married in?

Once the divorce processed is completed it is valid in all states.

I filed for divorce and I want my spouse out of our house.

When you first file papers for divorce no one is required to move out of their residence. You and your spouse can both continue to live in your home. You can agree on who moves our or you can ask the court to decide on a motion for exclusive temporary residency of the house while the case is in motion.

I need support from my spouse until the divorce is final. What should I do?

You would need to make a motion for temporary support. You can learn more about temporary support by contacting your local divorce attorney. Kamron Keele can provide detailed answers to all of your questions pertaining to this topic.

Who writes the final divorce decree?

In most cases the divorce decree is prepared by the attorneys while the court approves it. In some cases the court will prepare and approve it.

My divorce has been finalized, can it be retracted?

If your divorce has been finalized your marriage is legally over. You will have to remarry if you feel the desire to.

Kamron Keele represents Salt Lake City clients in a wide variety of legal services including divorce.  The professionals at Keele’s firm knows that filing for divorce is more than filing a bunch of papers.  Let Keele Law provide you with the best services and outcome possible when filing for a divorce. You are not alone!

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