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You Are Not Alone

Divorce affects millions of people every year. And although no two cases are exactly the same, you are not alone. There are other people that are experiencing similar difficulties you might be facing. At Keele Law, our aim is to help create a roadmap to help you navigate the legal entanglements that inevitably face those who experience divorce.

A Delicate Approach to Divorce Mediation

Ending a marriage involves much more than signing papers.We understand that many lives are affected by divorce. We know that children, finances, careers, homes, and legal entanglements are real and sensitive issues.Our goal is to create a roadmap for you–no matter what the situation.

Your 24/7 Attorney

Because we limit the clients we take on, we have an advantage that many firms can’t offer, our attention. The last thing you need when involved in a sensitive and complicated divorce is an attorney who isn’t available. We work around your schedule. We’ll also outline our recommendations for your case in writing before billing you for your time. We want you to feel you are getting the attention you not only need, but that you deserve.

Affordable Help

Apart from being stressful, getting divorced can be expensive. We work hard to keep our rates low with many cases finishing with a flat rate around $1,000.

Unseen Effects of Divorce

Ending a marriage can be extremely challenging both emotionally and financially. Concerns about the welfare of children, careers, homes, and other matters are very real and understandable. At Keele Divorce, Mr. Keele will guide you through this complicated, emotional transition.

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