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1. How much will a divorce cost? If contested or uncontested?

2. How long does a divorce take from start to finish?
3. What do I have to have prepared to meet with a divorce attorney on an initial consultation?
4. Is mediation required or necessary?
5. What are the benefits of mediation?
6. What visitation rights do I have if I don’t have joint physical custody?
7. What is the difference between joint legal custody and joint physical custody?
8. What if I need protection from a violent spouse during the divorce?
9. How are assets divided?
10. How are retirement accounts such as 401(k)s divided in a divorce?
11. How are child custody and payments handled during the time it takes to get divorced?
12. Do I have to go to court in a divorce?
13. Where can I get divorced, does it have to be where we married or where I live?
14. If we have children, can I move out of state after getting divorced?
15. If I have custody, am I entitled to reimbursement of child day care expenses?
16. Who pays for extraordinary expenses and extracurricular activities such as braces or karate lessons for our children?
17. Do we have to file separate tax returns in the tax year of the divorce?
18. Who is entitled to tax the child dependent tax deduction and when?
19. What if my spouse owns his/her own business, how do we split the asset and how is child support calculated?
20. Will the divorce papers be made public?

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